As of March 3, 2015, the Felmers O. Chaney Advocacy Board (FCAB) is an independent body and is not affiliated with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections or any other governmental body or institution. FCAB is an advocacy board comprised of private citizens guided by a shared concern for social justice, corrections policy, and the successful re-entry of former inmates as they return to their communities. All documents on this site pre-dating March 3, 2015 are historical and in reference to FCAB’s prior incarnation as a Wisconsin Department of Corrections affiliated citizens advisory board. Click on the History tab for a chronology of the evolution of the Board.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead



WHEREAS, the Chaney Pre-Release Center’s Community Advisory Board (“old FCAB”) was established pursuant to agreement by the Sherman Park Community Association and the Wisconsin State Department of Corrections (“DOC”); and

WHEREAS, old-FCAB was established for the purposes of: (1) Supporting effective community re-integration by previously incarcerated citizens; (2) Disseminating information to the Milwaukee Community and to the Felmers O. Chaney Pre-Release Correctional Center that is pertinent to community re-integration; (3) Addressing corrections-related interests and concerns both of the Milwaukee Community and of the Chaney Pre-Release Correctional Center, and (4) Responding to correctional and other issues brought to old FCAB’s attention;

WHEREAS, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections by letter dated March 12, 2015 gave written notice that old FCAB was no longer to function under the terms that had been negotiated and would no longer be allowed to meet at the Chaney Pre-Release Correctional Center; and

WHEREAS, old FCAB on various meeting dates determined by majority vote to: (1) Forthwith function completely separate from the DOC; (2) Function as a voluntary non-profit association; (3) Rename itself the Felmers Chaney Advocacy Board (“FCAB”); and (4) Develop a new mission statement, by-laws, reformulated goals and reinvigorated board membership.

NOW, THEREFORE, FCAB shall operate in accordance with the principles, goals and standards as articulated below.

I. ENTITY. FCAB shall operate as an independent body advocating for the rights and needs of incarcerated and previously incarcerated citizens.

II. COMMUNITY RE-INTEGRATION. FCAB declares its interest in facilitating community involvement in regard to the re-integration into society of previously incarcerated citizens, both those domiciled in the Chaney Pre-Release Center and in other Wisconsin penal institutions.

III. ADVOCACY. FCAB intends to advocate within the general community, the legislative and executive communities, the regulatory communities, and among non-governmental communities and individuals.

IV. GOALS. FCAB intends to do the following: (a) Identify and encourage the adoption of correctional policies, procedures and programs that enhance the rehabilitation and community re-integration of previously incarcerated citizens; (b) Identify and encourage policies, procedures and programs that harmonize penal institutions with indigenous neighborhood residents and their broader communities; (c) Identify and promote policies, procedures and programs for businesses, schools, churches and other organizations that serve to enhance the attainment of desirable rehabilitation and community reintegration goals of previously incarcerated citizens; (d) Identify and encourage policies that promote community involvement in efforts to establish stable and productive life styles for previously incarcerated citizens following their release from incarceration, including not only vocational but also academic education up to and including attainment of baccalaureate degrees; (e) Encourage DOC to establish or alter its policies as necessary to enable community involvement while maintaining reasonable safeguards.

V. PRE-RELEASE CORRECTIONAL CENTERS. With regard to pre-release correctional centers, FCAB shall encourage (a) Initiatives by community groups for the distribution to incarcerated citizens of apparel, such as winter coats by community members and inmates’ families; and (b) off-site employment, church attendance, barber shop visits, recreation and schooling.